How To Adopt A Cat In Iowa City

When you live in Iowa City and you want a pet, you might want to consider adopting a cat. Cats make great pets and you can have one in most apartments. They don’t require as much care as a dog and they are entertaining and fun to play with. Cats are friendlier than people think and nothing beats the pleasure of having your cat purring in your lap.

The best place to adopt a cat is at the animal shelter. There are lots of cats that are looking for homes and you can help save a life when you get a shelter cat. The cat is going to be grateful to find a home and you are going to have a lot of cats to choose from. The adoption process is easy and it is also very affordable. If money is an issue, the shelters often have free adoption days where you can get your cat for free.

Make sure that you have the equipment you need for your cat set up before you get your new cat home. You are going to need a litter box and litter. Use clumping litter because it is easier to clean up and cuts down on the smell. The right litter is going to make it a lot easier to clean and it lasts for a longer time. You are also going to need food and food bowls.

Make sure that you get some toys for your cat. Catnip toys are fun because the cats become intoxicated from the scent of this herb. You should also get some toy mice and feather toys for your cat. You also need something for your cat to scratch on so he doesn’t use your furniture to sharpen his claws.

Invest in a good cat tree. The cat tree will give your cat a safe place to climb and it will also provide your cat a place to scratch. Cats have to scratch to keep their claws healthy so it is important that you have a safe place for your cats to scratch. Your cat can sleep on the cat tree and it puts them in a high position that they really like.

Cats like to be up high and you want to make sure that your cat is going to be in a good position. Owning a cat is a lot of fun when you live in Iowa City.